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Development’s Direction? – Inevitable Cultural Maturity or a Statistical Aberration?

GEN Gathering August 2016 Session Slides:       Development as Statistical Aberration References:            Development as Statistical Aberration References Session Handout:  Development as Statistical Aberration Handout Stephen Jay Gould  – Full House: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin  Is Evolution Going Somewhere? Since… Read more »

Technologists vs. Humanists

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Technologists vs. Humanists At the cutting edge of innovation we see a split between the technologists, who envision a future driven by science and technology, and humanists who believe human minds and cultures must fundamentally evolve to cope with the demands of modern technology.  Technology extremists tell us we do… Read more »

Beyond Development to Unique Individuals Growing at Flow

Researchers now know that our current capacities are an individually unique combination of our biology (genes), our social/cultural support system (past and present), lifestyle choices, and our current psychological development.  Fifty years of intense Post-Modern research can’t support the “Blank Slate” concept that nurture is all.  The most accurate view… Read more »

When will Privacy no longer be an issue?

Baby Boomers fixated on privacy as a defense against the traditionalist society of the 1950s that obsessed on punishing visible deviation from “acceptable” behavior.  If the “thought police” can’t prove you’re doing it, they can’t exact retribution.  Today, Millennials are rabidly posting things on Twitter and Facebook that Boomer’s grandparents… Read more »

Emerging Happiness & Success in a Post-Modern World

In his book, @F-L-O-W, Find, Design, Use Talent to Emerge Happiness & Success in a Post-Modern World, Mike R Jay, an executive coach for 25 years, will start you on a development journey by asking some questions most of us are reluctant to address. You know Limits to Growth and… Read more »